Episode #119 : Gear Makers

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Portland, OR is one of many cities that have become known as hubs of creativity. The city’s “maker culture” includes a large community of creators of music gear. In fact, you could put together an entire stage set up and backline just using instruments and gear made in Portland. On this episode, we hear about how some of these businesses got started and how the city’s development has affected their industry. Guests include Philip Graham of microphone company Ear Trumpet Labs, Chris Benson of Benson Amps, and Saul Koll of Koll Guitar Co.


Philip Graham (Ear Trumpet Labs)
Saul Koll (Koll Guitar Co.)
Chris Benson (Benson Amps)

Cindy Wilson “No One Can Tell You”
Horse Feathers “Don’t Mean To Pry”
Lithics “Specs”
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